Hope Grows and Never Fades

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“Our horse chestnut [tree] is in full bloom, thickly covered with leaves and much more beautiful than last year.”

Anne Frank, 13 May 1944

Hope Grows and Never Fades

Anne Frank is a famous author of a book she wrote while she was hiding during World War Two. There was a tree that stood in her neighbor’s garden and she frequently looked at it (Frank 233, 158, 209, 213). The tree gave Anne Frank Hope (Anne Frank Sapling Planted on Capitol Hill). They both shared some time together while a very important and tragic event was going on in the world (Anne Frank Tree). The Chestnut tree was there before Anne Frank went in hiding, during Anne Frank was in hiding, and a couple years after Anne Frank was in hiding (Anne Frank Tree). The tree helped Anne Frank get through the rough times in hiding by providing her with mental hope and strength since she was a normal female teenager (Mental Health & Function). Even though there were terrible events going on in the world, the tree still changed as the seasons came by and grew stronger and bigger every day (Frank 209). Once the Frank family got sent to the concentration camps, the tree did not stop growing and fighting the disease it had (Cohen-Janca 2). The tree kept on fighting its disease while Anne Frank was fighting for her survival and without knowing, the survival of others.

Firstly, the tree was in the backyard of Keizersgracht 188 way before Anne Frank and the other hiders went into hiding (Anne Frank Tree). The tree being around 150-180 years old, it was one of the oldest trees in Amsterdam (Cohen-Janca 2). Trees give people, including female teenagers, oxygen and also help clear their mind and relax (Mental Health & Function; Why Getting Outside is So Good for You). When ...

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