Social Welfare Programs Essay

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The word has witnessed tremendous development in the field of social work in the last three decades. As a result, development of social welfare programs throughout the global has been on the rise to address social and human problems. After the Second World War that resulted in the expansion of governments’ efforts to decolonization movements across the globe and which saw new nations emerging in Asia and Africa. This war ended in 1945, and postwar recovery measures were put in place namely; implementation of wartime proposal for state expansion that saw the rise of size and scope of social welfare reforms in Western Europe. In addition, these programs were replicated across the globe by 1970s.However; by early 1980s sustaining these programs became an issue and new ideas like neoliberalism started to emerge. Thus, this paper will examine the social welfare programs and then make some important…show more content…
Some of the driving force during this time was women, although they were excluded from key roles in the government, most American women created some voluntary organizations through which the advocated for social changes that were relevant to the nation. Some of these missions were the social work and the community organization the social advocacy of various settlement homes. Carr and Sloan notes in the middle of 20th century that poverty was the primary cause of an individual and, therefore, developed some interventions that were majorly focused on changing individual behavior rather a social environment. Some of these people who were living below the poverty line were described or suffered from the deficit on the need for achievement, a character trait that motivates any successful person to struggle to achieve something in life (Zastrow,
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