Essay On Medical Disparities

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Disparities in the Treatment of Medical Diseases in the Mentally Ill Patients who are diagnosed with a mental illness, particularly a serious mental illness, are at risk for disparities in treatment of other medical, non-psychiatric, conditions (Li, et al., 2011). Thornicroft, Rose, & Hassam (2007) stated that much of the general population has a certain ignorance regarding mental illness and tend to make judgments against those who have been diagnosed with mental illness. A social stigma has been placed on those individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental illness, particularly a serious mental illness, which has been defined as those that fall on the schizophrenia spectrum or some type of mood disorder classified as bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder (Mitchell, Malone, & Doebbeling, 2009). It is the opinion of this author that the carry over of this stigma has extended to health care and the way that mentally ill patients are treated in various clinical settings. Further, this author believes that those with a documented mental illness do not receive the same quality of care that those without a documented mental illness do. Mitchell, et al. (2009) report that mentally ill patients who enter a clinical setting with comorbidities such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer are receiving lower quality of care than those who are mentally …show more content…

(2009), state that patients who are mentally ill also have some type of medical illness in over 50% of the cases. These patients are not receiving the same quality of care that those who are not mentally ill are receiving. Quality of health care is defined by the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse as, “the degree to which health care services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge” (Lohr, as cited by Mitchell, et al., 2009, p. 491). Care of Cardiovascular Issues in the Mentally

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