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Almost everyone alive has a fear of something whether it be heights, spiders or even clowns. Some people however have more serious issues with their fears, fears that follow them almost everywhere they go, these fears are called phobias. It is estimated that 4 to 5 percent of Americans have some type of phobia, which is an irrational fear of situations and certain objects. There are over 500 known phobias; a very common phobia is social phobia. Those who have social phobia have a strong fear of being embarrassed, or being judged by others. Most people that have social anxiety know that they shouldn’t be as afraid as they are but, they cannot control their fear. When they are in or around public they become very self-conscious, and tend to …show more content…

Some emotional and behavioral signs are being concerned that you’ll offend someone, intense fear or meeting strangers. Another sign is avoiding situations that could result in embarrassment or becoming the center of attention. Expecting the worst possible outcome and even fearing that others will notice that you look anxious are all signs of social phobia. Some physical symptoms may consist of a fast heartbeat, nausea and having trouble catching your breath. Avoiding normal situations such as making eye contact, dating or even initiating conversations are all signs of the phobia. Having all of these fears can dramatically affect someone’s everyday life. It could cause problems finding a job, keeping friends and it can even lead to severe depression. Those who have social phobia either try to mentally beat the fear and some take certain medications. One way to treat social phobia is called psychotherapy, which teaches the person different ways of thinking and behaving to situations to learn new social skills. Another common treatment is anti-anxiety medication and that should not be taken for long periods of time because it could possibly cause suicidal thoughts. Social phobia is one very common phobia that many Americans have but thankfully there are ways of treating it. There are many signs and symptoms shown when this certain phobia takes place. Those who have social phobia face many challenges in their

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