Social Adety And Social Anxiety Disorder

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Many people in today’s society are considered shy, but when is it more than that? Many people believe that extreme shyness is just that, shyness, but sometimes it can be something else. People who avoid social interactions, avoid being in the spotlight, and deal with extreme shyness might have social anxiety, or social phobia, a mental disorder that affects daily and social life in a negative way. Like other anxiety disorders, social anxiety is considered to be a mental illness, and medical professionals treat it as one. Other people think that it is just extreme shyness, and will go away on its own. Is social anxiety something that people should treat as an illness or just extreme shyness?
What is Social anxiety? Social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, is an anxiety disorder that makes a person afraid of social interactions and large groups of people. A person with social anxiety will be afraid of public speaking and being in large or even small groups. Social anxiety has many physical symptoms. Some symptoms of social anxiety are stomach aches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, dry mouth, and headache. These symptoms are very similar to other anxiety disorders, and make the sufferer feel even worse and worsen their anxiety. These physical symptoms can be treated with over the counter medication and rest, but they will not stop the anxiety and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts arise from thinking that other people are judging them in a negative way, not being able to communicate, being lonely, and usually get worse the more time the disorder is untreated.
Social anxiety usually starts in the late teens and early adulthood. It can be inherited from family, caused by an imbalance of hormones in the brain, or by a traumat...

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...l anxiety does not trust anyone, and will often come to wrong conclusions on what people think of them. Sufferers develop low self-esteem from thinking that they are different from not being able to communicate properly and thinking that other people are thinking of them in a humiliating and negative way. Often people with social anxiety believe that they are worse than others, and are not loved. Depression soon arrives after thinking negative thoughts for such a long time that it over takes them and consumes their minds. Depression can lead to the person having suicidal thoughts which can eventually lead them to taking their own life.
Because of the severity of social anxiety, it should be treated as a mental illness. Without proper treatment and support, a person with social anxiety will get overwhelmed with fear of being judged, and cease to function in society.
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