Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety disorder can also be defined as social phobia. It is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. It can also be described as the fear of negatively being judged causing one to feel ashamed and being socially rejected. Social Anxiety was first mentioned as the term social phobia and was discovered in the 1900’s. Although the exact amount of people who are diagnosed with this disorder still remains undetermined, it has been said that about 9,ooo- 15,0000 people will show symptoms of the disorder during some point of their lifetime. Social Anxiety comes in two stages, Child Development and Adults. Social Phobia is often confused with the actual disorder and basic shyness. Social anxiety occurs in infancy and is said to be very normal for children to exhibit the disorders characteristics. It has been proven that as a child one goes through the fear of being rejected by peers, speaking in front of large crowds, and severely lacking confidence. Adult Social Anxiety is usually easier to indentify due to the lack of communication with others. Unlike children, adults are expected to interact with others without a problem. According to the US National Comorbidity Survey, Social Anxiety was classified as the third most common mental disorder. About 19.2 million people are victims from the disorder in which can take place at any given time. Unfortunately, people who have Social anxiety are being diagnosed with many other disorders due the actual cause being unsure. Research suggests that it can be caused by inheritance or the nervous system. Medications that are prescribed to treat the anxiety effects many parts of the nervous system which leads to the calming signals sent to the brain.... ... middle of paper ... ...ymptoms as a child. If one still has trouble after taking medication and following steps to ease the anxiety, they are able to get professional help by talking to a psychiatrist and clinical social workers. Not giving up on the treatment is the key. Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s becoming effective try different solutions. It has been proven that finding the right medication for your situation can take several weeks or even months. Some people experience an immediate effective solution causing the social anxiety to disappear while others are continuing to find solutions. Social Anxiety Disorder is a very common disorder. Once aware of its diagnosis and important factors there are treatments that can easily help to get rid of the condition. There are many treatments that are self-made and medical, it’s very important that you find which works best for you.

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