Social Perception of Gender Roles

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Social Perception of Gender Roles

General speaking, men are physically stronger than women, thus, they perform more labor intensive work not to mention because of the physical appearance, men are often present a more powerful and confident appearance than woman which is more convincing in making a sale. A gender expectation was for women to stay home and take care of the household while men to work and provide the bread and butter for the family. However, this is only the social perception that illustrates the behavioral difference between men and women. Because of this perception of the behavioral differences, it has caused to create barriers, unequal treatment and discrimination between men and women. It is bad to have such perception in this world of freedom, we should have an equal opportunity for every individual and don't let this behavior to bind us all.

In our general perception, men are always stronger than women because of the men's body frame and our basic believes. While men born to be strong and hardly to be the loser, they always refuse to talk about the bad things had happened around them. To be a stereotyped of men, they feared to show their weakness and fears from all. In order to build a healthy relationship between men and women, an effective communication is needed. An effective communication means that we should first understand the positive and negative characteristic on both genders to build up the trusts and respects to each other. However, men are always refused to do that, they usually live in a world with its own "Code of Conduct". In the article 'How Boys Become Men' by John Katz, the author states that boys usually cover up themselves from others in any circumstances. This means that they d...

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...d women, we shouldn't despise the ability of women. In order to diversify our society, we should give women the same opportunity as men. Also, don't limit ourselves and just following the majority. For example, women shouldn't be in science major, or men shouldn't be in nursing.

In order to stop this unequal social perception towards men and women, we should encourage girls to be involve in competitive activities that our traditional for boys only. Parents should raise their children regardless of their gender, for examples, men can play with dolls and girls can play with trucks. We should give them an opportunity to make choices. Other than that, education in school should discuss on strengths and weaknesses on both genders, so that they can understand each other's ability. I believe one day, we can create a new social perception that "Women and Men are equal".
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