Social Networking Addiction Must Be Stopped

Title: Addiction to social networking we must stop it.

General purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience some problem, factor and action need to be taken to stop the addiction to social networking.

Central idea: Being too addicted to social networking can cause some serious problems, some factors contribute out addiction to social networking and actions need to be taken to stop the addiction to social networking.


Attention getter: There are countless social media in this modern world that make it possible to form wide connections between people. Since the function is to make people can communicate online through social media, share information with each other and the important thing is that we no need to pay to create an account because it is free. Who is here doesn’t have facebook account? Most of us here have your own account for participating. As users of social media increase, there is a debate whether social media gives good or bad effect to our society.

Reveal the topic: Personally, I believe social networking sites are harmful and do have negative effect because people nowadays become addicted to social networking and we as a community that concern with these people must stop it.

Tie to the audience: social networking for example facebook helps us as a student to sending and receiving our assignment from friends, doing discussion in the group that we create and we no need to do discussion everyday just to finish the task, It helps us a lot. Although social media leads people to have more interaction , promotes long-distance relationships, and easier our work, it has a lot of bad things that make us out of control and now many of social media users are addicted.

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... interest, such as book clubs, sports teams, or other such organizations. This way, they will build real relationships naturally in the real world.
Sub point 3: Limit internet use
- Keep track of their social media use, log how long they stay online. Over time, set specific time limits and times when they can access the Internet, and stick to those times. Start with broad large blocks of time at first, and gradually reduce the time online. Set goals throughout the day for accomplishing in the real world, and use the Internet time as a reward for completing that goal.

In a nutshell, it is high time that we recognized the significance of ending our attraction to social networking. So As a result, we should take some effective methods to solve the problem.So keep away from your phones or laptops and reach the real-life friends. That all from me thank you!
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