Social Interaction and Poor Education are Reasons for HomeSchooling

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In the United States, an increasing number of parents are deciding to Home School their children because they are unhappy with the quality of education offered in public schools. Moreover, parents may have other reasons why they feel that public schools are not suitable for their children such as; social interaction. Parents worry their children will suffer from bullying or will be forced into antisocial behavior by peer pressure. They believe that the good behavior they have taught the child will be lost in school. Another reason is concern over the quality of schooling available. Schools frequently have large classes. They are often under-funded, and staffed by teachers without sufficient knowledge of their subjects. Subjects such as the family’s religion or language may not even be available in the school. Other parents may disagree with the aims of the school curriculum, preferring for academic, social or cultural reasons to keep their children separate. Finally, some children with special needs may need particular parental care.
As I read an article “Homeschooling.” (Current Iss...
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