Social Effects Of Homelessness In America

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Homelessness has become an epidemic across the nation. The frequency of the amount of people who are unemployed and the failing economic system has effected a significant amount of people who are homeless. The number of people who become homeless have tripled in number all across the United States. Some issues that have led to the rising percentage of people who are homeless are poverty and unaffordable housing, the decrease in job opportunity, social and economic factors, and various changes in individual living conditions. Homelessness had reached its peak when it is discover that over 3.5 million people become homeless each year in America. Out of that 3.5 million of people include single adults who suffer from substance abuse as well as …show more content…

Over the years it has become a national common characteristic of the entire nation. Not only does homelessness effect an individual’s health and well- being, but it effects society as a whole. Due to the fact that many people who are without shelter or everyday necessities tend to be looked upon as thieves, and criminals who are labeled as sick and mentally ill. Many states who claim majority to be men. It is documented that 1/3rd of the homeless population has been issued to suffer from some sort of mental illness. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration mental illness was ruled as the third largest root to homelessness for many single adults. The hypothesis was conclude after a survey was collected in 2008, it showed that in 25 cities around 1/8th of cities claim that mental illness is ranked to be the peak to homelessness and 38 % suffer from alcohol and numbers increase when it comes to alcohol abuse. In most case these single adults who suffer from mental illness are not able to maintain house hold management. Those who are of urban landscape show a greater number of homeless who reside in that current state. That means that there are roughly around 62.9 % of people who suffer from mental health are documented for treatment and out of that percentage around 26 % mental individual make of the individuals staying in shelters and the rest of the individuals find themselves partaking in the street life. And then there are those who go

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