Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Fear and Anxiety are essential functions that occur in the brain that allow people to respond to stimuli appropriately. These feelings as normal as they are can cause problems and in 3.1 percent of adult Americans approximately 6.8 million people it does cause problems (“Generalized anxiety disorder”, 2014). A problem can arise when people have too much fear and anxiety; a problem is evident when it interferes with their life and their ability to do things. This is known as general anxiety disorder (GAD). When someone is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder they normally experience excessive exaggerated anxiety and worry about normal life events that give no clear reason for worry (“Generalized anxiety disorder”, 2014). This disorder can be debilitating and rule over people’s lives if it is severe and a better understanding of the disorder can be gained by looking at historical views, current views, causes and symptoms, case studies, differential diagnosis considerations, and treatment.

Historical Views

The overall history of psychology is a short one in comparison to the other fields of medicine and this is because things considered to fit into psychology today were put in other categories throughout history. They were passed off as other ailments or labeled as nerves or stress (Tracy, 2013). Anxiety disorders were seen as a woman’s problem and unimportant. This is a misconception though, because both men and women suffer from anxiety disorders (Tracy, 2013). As time progressed many things were tried and most failed due to the little to no understanding of the cause. Many early treatments involved bloodletting, hydropathy, herbs and balms, bathing in very cold rivers or streams, and health spas (Tracy, 2013). The a...

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