Social And Political Issues In Michael Moore's Stupid White Men

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In Michael Moore 's Stupid White Men, he discusses many world and governmental issues facing America. He focuses on the corruption that has befallen the nation due to the Bush Administration. He forcefully gets his point across without worriment of opposing opinions. Moore focuses greatly upon political, environmental, economic and social issues due the Bush administration, which he believes to be the cause of many of today 's national issues. Moore’s Stupid White Men focuses on the damages done by the Bush Administration and its impact on national dilemmas. Although Moore 's premises on the topic is tipped in a negative favor, he provides reasonable points to aid in his argument to encourage an agreeable response.

Moore begins his expose
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He illustrates the replacement of jobs, illness from a McNugget and insurance failure, etc. which, according to him all systematically plays into the hands of the rich. Social and Environmental issues are problems that Moore focuses a great deal upon, he first uses social issues to show the lack of common standing among the commonwealth, the cost of living had grown by 48% while minimum wage had gone to an all time low since 1967 at 3.35$. To make matters worse inflation had risen by 20%, many weren 't able to afford reasonable housing and forced to live in shelters or homeless. During the run of the administration over 1.5 million people were forced out of their homes and into the streets. According to Moore, the reason for most of the lack of stability is due to the lack of job security, according to household surveys taken in 2009 the unemployment rate had risen from 8.5 to 9.5 that is millions of jobs lost and all the benefit going…show more content…
While the stock market crash of 08’ was only 50% compared to the crash of the Great Depression, which was 90% this crash was even more deadly due to how quickly it happened compared to the Great Depression which happened over a 3 year period. The market crashing has a huge influence on not only economic issues but political as well. During early 2007, there were major warning signs that the market may crash due to an overheated housing market, but those in charge were far too worried about the money lining their pockets instead of the welfare of the general population. As Moore puts it greed during this time had become the new success. To put it bluntly, the process of stealing from the common people helped to elevate the 1% so that they were nearly untouchable during the fall of the market. It was then in 2008 that jobs had begun to fall. Coupled with a subprime mortgage (housing loan that 's granted to borrowers with impaired credit history) and the inability to make enough money due to cut backs it was nearly impossible to afford a home, let alone in live in one. Moore refers to the political aspect of national issues by referring to them as “ Stupid White Virus” in which he believes that the political election was stolen. He further goes into detail by explaining that the current president isn 't the one that got the most