Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story

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Michael Moore used comical tactics as a way to appeal to his audience in this piece of literature. Michael Moore’s argument is that capitalism is destroying the nation’s economy rather than helping to develop it. The poor are suffering, while the richer are getting richer. The arguments that Moore used may not be considered tangible by all, but he definitely did have the evidence to support his argument. Michael Moore purpose was to expose this ground breaking issue of the dominance of corporate America through video. He used the web source as a source to get his message across because he knew the internet would be accessible to many people. Moore in this film used the different elements of reasoning to identify the message he was sending to his audience. Moore, made assumptions about what the Government, and banks could have possibly been doing with the hard earned American workers’ tax money. Although he was making assumptions, he went and found evidence of a possible explanation to the question at issue. He implied that the big banks were a part of the blame, a claim that he knew many people would indulge in. Moore believed that America was in a problematic state because the ideology of capitalism is engrained within us. He believed that the people of this nation have become immune to capitalist America without knowing it. A lot of his evidence that the United States is based on Capitalism came from the different places he went to, and the people that Moore spoke with. Michael Moore and his video crew went a number of different places, such as Pennsylvania to locate people’s money. While in some of those states, he found out that the Government was robbing people of their money, and then foreclosing their hom... ... middle of paper ... ... his death. The comical tactics that he used to keep the audience engaged. Michael Moore did not want to bore the audience with all the political terms that he sometimes could not understand himself. The slippery slope argument was present in this film when speaking about capitalism; Moore went back in history to the time Franklin Roosevelt and showed that this crash of the economy was going to happen sooner than later. Michael Moore showed us that capitalism created a domino effect. The film in my opinion can be justified in all that was said because he had different reasons of elements. He had the proper information, even from political sources themselves, he made good implications and assumptions, and he drew inclusive conclusions. Works Cited Moore, Michael, dir. Capitalism: A Love Story. Narr. Michael Moore. 2009. Overture Films, 2009. 1st ed. DVD-ROM.
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