Facts and Reality in Michael Moore’s "Stupid White Men"

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In Michael Moore’s introduction to the novel, Stupid White Men, Moore talks about the state of the American nation during the twenty first century. Moore believes that the nation is falling apart because it is being overrun by the “stupid white men” who are controlling it. He equates all the corruption and downfall that is occurring throughout the United States with the election of former president George W. Bush. In this introduction he covers numerous controversial issues, which range from the economy and society to politics and the environment. Although much of what Moore says is exaggerated and one sided, many of his statements are true. Moore is correct in stating that the nation is falling downhill; however, he is wrong in saying that Bush is the only cause in America’s decline.

Moore blames everything that goes wrong in America on the "stolen" presidential election of 2000. Moore says that Bush did not win the election; Americans just gave him the presidency even though he did not receive the most votes. He states that the voting ballots are unusable and that people’s voices and opinions do not count anymore in America. However, this is not true. Bush did not steal the election because although he did not receive the majority vote, he did receive the most votes from the electoral college, which are the votes that count in presidential elections. Bush is not the cause of all that is wrong in America; however, he has contributed to some of it with his policies and cutbacks. Moore states that Americans have no health care. This is true because Bush did nothing to reform the corruption of the health care insurance companies. His new policies for health care just cut funding and left many Americans with no medic...

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...nd the Dow hitting a record low. The economy may just be going through a normal cycle, but the decline was certainly propelled by Bush being in office. Many people felt unsure with him as president and, therefore, felt unsafe about how he ran the economy. This caused many people to pull out of the stock market, which caused businesses to fail.

Michael Moore's introduction to Stupid White Men may not be completely factual, but he certainly has a point. Twenty first century America is going downhill and people are just sitting around watching it fall. Bush did not receive the majority vote in the 2000 election, but he did not cause all that is wrong in America. He contributed to some factors that caused America to decline, while other factors were beyond his control. America will have its ups and downs, and some presidents just contribute to the downs.
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