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The Threat Of Women’s Soccer When younger, there are so many options children are able to choose to start their careers, whether it is a sport or some other type of activity. There are sports that girls and guys both play, but some are more hazardous than others. A very common sport that girls take on is soccer and, depending on their ability, their careers can take off and exceed. Many women have become very successful and then there are some who have a career- ending tragedy. Starting at a young age, these girls do not realize how their careers can end in a flash. From experience, I can relate to having everything taken away from me in a blink of and eye. The feeling of leaving the doctor’s office was easily the most distraught feeling…show more content…
Occasionally a girl could possible receive a career- ending injury and have no choice but to stop playing, which can be very hard, and horrible. I am able to vouch for this situation since I was a girl that put everything into the sport she loved who had to end her career with too many injuries. It was not because of my broken collarbone, sprained ankles, broken wrist, and my sprained ACL. I ended my career because of my fifth concussion I received my senior year of high school. Many people told me to “stop heading the ball”, or “wear a headband to protect your head.” Concussions are currently a huge issue in women’s soccer from heading the ball to colliding with one another. For all of the complications that concussions caused, there is currently a headband that is able to help protect your head and reduce the cause of injuries. Even though my friends and I used this product concussions were still present in my life. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury to a player’s head. Whether it is a minor or major concussion, there is a recovery time period, which is very exhausting. During my major concussions I was unable to do my day-to-day normal activities such as going to class, exercising, and driving a vehicle. Some days it just felt hopeless. This is the type of injury where relaxation is necessary. As for other types of injuries when one breaks, fractures, or…show more content…
The most that is enforced to protect oneself are shin guards. The shin guards may keep a player from getting a couple scrapes and bruises, but that is the least of the worries when it comes to soccer. What really needs to be focused on during the game is protecting the head. Doctors have been trying to improve with coming out with a protective headband with padding on it to lessen the chances of a concussion. When the headbands came out my coach insisted on the whole team purchasing one. After having one I still had a head injury, which was upsetting after all the headbands were supposed to protect us. Since my older cousin is a brain surgeon, I asked him what he thought of it. He told me that it helps protect your head slightly, but the jolt of your head when going for the ball still leaves possibilities for brain injuries. Many other girls’ sports have a lot more protection such as moth guards, padding, masks, and or helmets to

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