Smart Phones in Japan

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In 2008, the Apple iPhone 3G launch took the United States by storm. People lined up for hours to get their phone. In Japan, the craze for the iPhone was absent. The excitement that gripped the United States was missing from the launch in Japan. While Americans were seeing the technology the iPhone provided for the first time, Japan already had this technology and more in their current phones. Apple had to learn the hard way the differences between American culture and Japanese culture. In 2005, Disney opened Hong Kong Disneyland and planned to serve shark fin soup. A local treat Disney felt it would accompany the menu nicely. Environmental groups around the world protested the use of shark fin soup in Disney parks. The differences in consumer behavior changed the way Apple and Disney needed to market. iPhone in Japan In the United States, anticipation gripped the tech savvy consumers as they waited in long lines for the chance to own the long awaited iPhone. “The arrival of the iPhone was much anticipated, and featured long queues of aficionados, who were prepared to wait out in all conditions for the privilege of being the first to hold and try the new device” (Goggin, 2009). In Japan, the iPhone did not grab the same level of attention. “Apple’s iPhone has wowed most of the globe, but not Japan, where the handset is selling so poorly it’s being offered for free” (Chen, 2009). The mobile carrier in Japan is Softbank, and they continued to discount the phone in hopes to increase sales. Apple soon discovered the iPhone did not have what Japanese customers were looking for. What Went Wrong? With the iPhone, selling out in most markets worldwide why was the astonishing device not selling in the Japanese market. Apple had several mi... ... middle of paper ... ...rom Eurotechnology-Japan. (2013). Doing business in Japan. Retrieved from Goggin, G. (2009, April). Adapting the mobile phone: The iPhone and its consumption. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 23(2), 231–244. Hills, J., & Welford, R. (2005, November 16). A case study of Disney in Hong Kong. CSR ASIA, 1(46), 3-6. Kamizuru, S. (2008, September 5). Mass market adoption eludes 3G iPhone in Japan. Retrieved from Schiffman, L. G., & Kanuk, L. L. (2010). Consumer Behavior (10th ed.). Upper Sadle River, NJ: Pearson. Veris, L. (2005, May 23). Disney urged to skip shark soup. Retrieved from
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