Slaves' Perspective

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Slaves' Perspective This essay will attempt to answer four questions that will give us a better understanding of what the slaves themselves thought about the peculiar institution of slavery. The four questions being: 1) How did slaves feel about their masters and /or mistresses? 2) How did slaves feel about their work? Their families? Their religion? 3) How did they feel about freedom? 4) How did slaves feel about themselves? How did slave feel about their masters and /or mistresses? The masters/mistresses are both described as being good and bad, depending on the individual master/mistress. Most of the literature supported the idea that these individuals were cruel, disrespectful, inhumane and even indirectly associated with the Devil. Some wrote of starvation, whippings, solitary confinement and several other cruel acts as punishment for the smallest of matters. There was one particular account by Frederick Douglas that talked about one master that was known as the slave breaker. This individual was known for his devastating acts of violence toward the slaves for any reason he found just. This was his way of breaking them of their bad habits or wrong doings. Masters were known to of had sexual relations with the female slaves. The offspring from these relations were known as mulattoes. A majority of the slave population were of white ancestry but they were never really claimed by those who created them. Not all masters/mistresses were known as bad people there were a few known for there kind acts. Accounts of masters/mistresses buying slaves and setting them free. Their were accounts of slaves working for masters just because they felt they were being treated fairly and were getting adequate boarding. Mas... ... middle of paper ... slaves feel about themselves? In spite of the physical and emotional abuse most of the slave had a very positive and respectful belief of themselves. Their desire to do right and be free kept them close to God and their families. This gave them the self confidence needed so that they may continue on with everyday life. Without this basis their communities would have crumble, as well as their hope for freedom. In summary, the written accounts of the slaves perspective brought an interesting and much needed point of view to the table of many Americans including my own. The past will never be forgotten, and the abolishment of cruelties upon humanities will always be an issue. Racism, Genocides, Blacks, Whites, Asians, all involve people. People with feelings, ideas, and dreams of their own. Noone has the true power to take that away from them, so why try.
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