Slavery: The Cause Of The American Civil War

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The paramount reason that attributed to the American Civil War was based on Slavery. According to this week’s lesson (DeVry University, 2016) “… some Americans who, for religious or secular reasons, fought for abolition” This group must have felt the anguish of how poorly some of the slaves were treated. Prior to the war, “in 1860, President Abraham Lincoln had won the election; South Carolina secedes from the Union.” Since President Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery, and the South Carolinians was not against slavery, legislators and six other states separated from the union to form their own government. Additionally, Southerner’s disseminated propaganda which spreads rapidly that a “Black Republican” which would eradicate slavery and ruin the society (Keene, Cornell & O’Donnell, 2013, p. 369). …show more content…

Similarly, the Confederate President Jefferson Davis rejected Lincoln’s compromise (Keene, Cornell & O’Donnell, 2013, p. 369). It only takes a spark to get the fire started, and with this in mind, it became even more challenging for a peaceful resolution after both the Mississippi’s declaration of secession and Lincoln’s inaugural address. Honestly, President Lincoln wanted to do what he thought was right by the people. The Confederates also wanted to do what they thought was right by upholding slavery for their export market of cotton to Britain (Keene, Cornell & O’Donnell, 2013). Nationalism was blatant in the eyes of the Confederate States; they had no vision because they broke away from the Union and wanted to utilize the same

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