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In the nineteenth century, America had a major issue taking place. That issue the bad and evil practice named slavery. Slavery was a major part of the South’s economy in the 1800’s. Slaves were imported from foreign countries in Africa to work for masters at plantations. Masters forced them for work with no pay, and maltreated them. As slavery kept going on, more and more people were becoming abolitionists and were against slavery. Slavery got to a point when it was making abolitionists outraged. Individuals and the United States government were stepping in and helping limit slavery as much as they possibly could. Women abolitionists created petitions that were sent to the Congress, people shared stories and narratives, broke laws that prevented aiding fugitives, and the Congress sent out a law saying people could not import slaves. Firstly, a broad group of women in the United States worked very hard on trying to limit slavery.Women would host gatherings called “tea parties” to discuss important …show more content…

The United States Salutes documents claimed that “from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and eight, it shall not be lawful to import or bring into the United States or the territories thereof from any foreign kingdom, place, or country, any negro, mulatto or person of color.”Not only did the Congress state that it was banned to import beings, but they also claimed that it was also restricted to import people with “intent to hold, sell or dispose of such negro, mulatto or person of colour as a slave, or to be held to service or labor. These laws taking place made it more difficult for slave masters to induce labor for their plantations. Additionally, slave prices went up making it even more difficult to bring in labor. After all, it is seen that making this law was an effective way to limit or end

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