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In twelve years of slave Northup, or as sometimes referred to Platt, never talked back and fought for his freedom because, Northup knew it would cost him his life. Northup figured by doing what was told of him he would hopefully see his family one-day and would be free again. Northup had two “masters” during the time of his slavery both of his “masters” were complete opposites. Northup knew that talking saying he was a freeman would cost him his life, “with the paddle, Burch commenced beating me. Blow after blow was inflicted on my naked body. When his unrelenting arm grew tired, he stopped and asked if I was still insisted I was free man. I did insist upon it, and then the blows were renewed, faster and more energetically, if possible, than …show more content…

Ford (Master). But ever since that first accident with Chapin he must go to a different owner. When Northup has done everything that Master Ford has asked of him. Northup does not want to go to a different slave owner. The slave owner that Northup would have to go to would be Edward Epps. Edward Epps is the exact opposite of Mr. Ford. Epps is a cruel master, constantly whipping his slaves. Northup already does not like Edward Epps the way he treats him and other niggers. Northup picks for the cotton. Northup was not able to pick as much cotton as the others and that made Edward Epps curious as to if Northup was really a slave or not. Northup deals with Edward Eps like he deals with his wife. Mr. Epps’ wife asked Northup if he could read and write because he was different from the other niggers. Of course, Northup does not say he does because, he will be abused. Mrs. Epps has Northup do an errand for her to the market he had a chance to run but Northup did not run away from the plantation. If Northup was trying to get back to his family then why didn’t he run? I think Northup did not run because he knew if any slave where to run away he or she would be hunted down. That is why Northup always does everything he is suppose to do the right way because his ultimate goal is to get back to his family, after his time spent as a

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