Slaughter's Essay 'Why Women Still Can' T Have It All

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What does it mean to “have it all”? We live in a society where the consensus agrees with Anne-Marie Slaughter who defines “have it all” in her essay “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” as having both career value and family value. However, it should really about individual’s contentment. Many are struggling to find a satisfying career and hoping to get by day by day; so to have it all by society’s definition is nearly impossible. But with individual’s contentment, it is a contingency that anyone can have it all.
Society’s definition is conflicting when it comes to who can have it all. By balancing work and family, Slaughter believes both men and women can have it all. However, she argues that it is impossible with many type jobs to maintain
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However, with individual’s contentment, it encompasses a broader group of audiences. For instance, it can include a child, a woman, a man, or anyone. For example, a child is contented when he received something he had always wanted for a present. To do that child, receiving what he always wanted means the world to him. A mother may wish for nothing more than to see her children growing successfully and living a good life. When her wishes bear fruits, she would feel contented, even though she might have sacrificed a lot during the course of raising her children. A father could be content with similar ideal. He may wish nothing more than to be able to support his family, to see that his wife and children are financially supported by working extra hours. Similarly, Slaughter, an elite feminist, believes she did not have it all by expressing her longing for motherhood and is not contented even though she has achieved a high-profile government position (Slaughter 676-677). When her stint from her government position is up, she becomes a dean at Woodrow Wilson School. With her position, she is able to make work schedule flexible for her to allow her the time for her family. Believing that with her flexibility at work, she can have have it all (Slaughter 687). However, it also tells us that she contented with her
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