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This unit explored desire satisfactionism, a term that generally speaks for itself. Though it is an umbrella term because there are different types. There is local desire satisfactionism, which is the idea that if desires are satisfied, one is happy. Then there is whole life satisfactionism. It means that to be happy is to have one desire satisfied. This is the overarching desire that your most important desires be satisfied. It is prioritized assessment of one’s life as a whole. To compare local desire satisfactionism with whole life satisfactionism would be like comparing quality and quantity from a hedonist perspective. It is similar in regard to desire satisfactionism, two different types. Several individuals discuss whole life satisfactionism…show more content…
He agrees that to be happy is to be satisfied with one’s overall life. However, he thinks that in order to make good judgements we need to have some sort of life plan. He those reaches the conclusion that “to be satisfied with life as a whole, then, we must carefully survey our desires and values and evaluate which are most important to us, which then forms the basis of our selection of a life plan and the standard for judging whether our life is going well” (THO, 152). Such a life plan would be founded on a structure of commitments, of three types. The first is unconditional. Those are commitments that are central to life and will not be sacrificed. They are deep and long-standing, and if dishonored have a huge effect on your psychology. The second type is defeasible commitments. Those can be over ridden. Like concentration camp survivors doing what they needed to survive despite the fact that you would not do certain things under “normal” circumstances. The last is loose commitments those we can break and feel less guilty about. Like being on time to class or a doctor’s appointment. Some internal defects might be a life plan that is impossible. Or something that is only temporary and last a certain amount of time. While some external defect could be that life plan could step out of social or moral norms. This relates the idea that happiness is objective in that there is…show more content…
To prove his point he references the experience machine, similar to The Matrix. What if you could choose a life, plug into that machine and live the rest of your life plugged into it? This is assuming that as soon as you plug in you forget that you are plugged in. Nozick believes that value is good in itself but that there are some independent of happiness. Such a moral commitments, like who you would leave behind. The actuality/authenticity of experiences. Although, most importantly we value interconnectedness with humans. Genuine contact. In the experience machine you lose autonomy as well. There is not room for growth because you are no longer the author of your own life. It is for these other values that stand apart from happiness, which Nozick believes we care about far more than life

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