Skeleton Twins Case Study

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1464 words

Diagnosis: Skeleton Twins Milo and Maggie Dean fulfill the criteria for major depressive disorder. The twin’s depression is heavily influenced biologically as well as psychologically. Some causal factors and influences include genetics, stress from parent’s suicide, lack of support, failure in career, and higher-risk sexual activity, (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). The movie makes evident that the main characters have struggled from this disorder ever since childhood. Evaluating back to Maggie and Milo’s stressful event that formed dysfunctional beliefs clarifies the possible causes to major depression. Milo and Maggie’s Father Milo and Maggie’s father’s suicide plays a big role in the twin’s depression. The movie indicates that the twins …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how milo and maggie dean fulfill the criteria for major depressive disorder. the movie makes evident that the main characters have struggled from this disorder since childhood.
  • Analyzes how the movie indicates that the twins never properly and healthily grieved.
  • Analyzes how maggie and milo's mother was narcissistic and grandiose, unable to identify any struggle in their children. lack of social support is a critical variable in depression.
  • Analyzes how milo pursued an inappropriate sexual relationship with his teacher in high school, which had a negative effect on his development and his depression.
  • Analyzes how maggie lacks satisfaction in her life and her marriage. having affairs is unethical; therefore, she finds it more alluring due to it being forbidden.
  • Explains that milo's discomfort and humiliation was evident when he was catching up with rich and lied about his success in acting.
  • Explains that antidepressants, mood stabilizing, and antipsychotic medication are common treatments for major depressive disorder. psychotherapies can be combined with medication or are a treatment by itself.
  • Explains that many factors influence maggie and milo's major depression, including genetics from their father, the stress of parental suicide, lack of support, and deviant sexual activity.

She was rejecting towards her children’s emotions, not giving them the emotional support they needed. Maggie now has disdain for her mother, whereas Milo still seemed hopeful for his Mother’s love and support. People who have lack of social support are more likely to be vulnerable to major depressive disorder, (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). The twin’s mother’s behavior clearly worsened the twin’s problems with depression during her visit. Excessive reassurance seeking can result when one experiences social rejection, especially if the person experiences the rejection frequently, (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). The interpersonal difficulties that their mother caused as children follow them into adulthood, (Barbour, n.d.). This becomes a cycle, the interpersonal difficulties that have become chronic continue to worsen depression and continuing the interpersonal difficulties, (Barbour, n.d.). This is Beck’s cognitive theory at play here. Early experiences form dysfunctional beliefs, critical incidents activate these beliefs, and the negative thoughts become automatic, (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). Social support is a critical variable in depression, (Barbour, n.d.). This is because the extent a person likes someone is directly correlated with how much one is willing to help and support that person, (Barbour, n.d.). Milo and …show more content…

Milo 's discomfort and humiliation was obvious when he was catching up with Rich and lied about his degree of success in acting. He does not want to be looked down upon by Rich. He often avoids telling anyone about how he is now just waiting tables in Los Angeles to make end 's meet. This discloses that Milo would rather lie than having the possibility of someone judge him on his failure. Shame is an extremely common symptom of loss or failure in a career, (Knox, n.d.). Shame occurs due to the thought of “what will they think of me?” This is giving the authority to people judge us and let their judgments play in one’s identity, (Knox, n.d.). Milo 's failed acting career is a large stress factor that can be a causal factor in depression. Being unsuccessfulness in one’s career can form thoughts and beliefs that one is failure in every aspect in life. This is a crippling belief that can exacerbate major depression (Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2014). Milo closely identified himself with his potential to be a big actor. This factors in the severity of his loss of sense of self, (Knox,

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