Six Week Training Program

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Six Week Training Program Reference to seasonal factors. In my six-week training programme I experienced some problems with the weather. We normally associate the English weather with rain, this was not the case because on several occasions the we were training in weather that was getting as high as 30 Celsius which is about 92 Fahrenheit. On the first of many scorching days we weren't prepared for it this led to some poor performances because the weather was so draining on us, after this we were prepared for it we brought liquid with us and tried not to overload on hot days. Relevance of the type of exercise. Does what I'm doing help me to become a better football player? The Skill circuit will help me to become a better player, but the six-week training programme is a fitness circuit not a skill circuit, so obviously my fitness level will improve, and I can prove that using tests, there are very few ways to prove I'm a better football player except if I play and someone or some people analyse me. Specific...

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