Strength and Conditioning

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The aims of the following essay is to cover the different aspects of strength and conditioning (S&C), looking into the principles of training while also relating it back to diverse types of training that can be implemented on a sports coaches athletes. This is because coaches have to know more than just learning the basics to be successful in the professional environment (Waghchoure, Et al, (2011). This is because they also have to analysing the method that are been implement while also examining the influence of growth through the maturation and physical performance because everyone will have individual difference. In addition also analysing the development of the key fitness qualities through development of physical literacy, strength, power, agility, speed and lastly metabolic conditioning. This is really important for S&C coach as it provides the grounding for key concepts that associated in conditional techniques making sure the coach follows all the health and safety considerations. Giving an insight into periodization and natural strategies for their athlete’s that they should already be implementing in there sessions. Besides reviewing most importantly prevention of injuries to their athlete’s looking at their welfare and well-being through as the most important consideration (Lloyd and Oliver, 2013).
The importance for coaches to gain knowledge in the subject of S&C has increased to it becoming an important discipline in the industry of sport and exercise science. This is because S&C is important for improving the athlete in the following areas, injury prevention, and improved performance of the athletes through: improved strength, speed, power, confidence and lastly through the fitness systems according to (Smith, (20...

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...description posted by the Essex Cricket (2013) they would have to cover many different roles, Essex Cricket specified they wanted S&C during in-season and off-season sessional periods looking at field and weight based training methods that would have to reflect the specific needs of their athlete’s, while also working with the England S&C coach producing monthly reports highlighting there performance about squad players. Furthermore the roles also include major components prehabilition, injury preventions and also looking at the recovery process. In addition the job role for an S&C coach also involves looking into the nutrition needs to provide appropriate nutrition for players on both match days and during periods, looking at the athlete’s workload monitoring of training and time played in matches, fitness testing to cover all aspect of their athlete’s performance.
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