Sisterly Love Essay

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Sisterly Love I 've always heard being a big sister has a special meaning. This was something I never truly understood until the day my sister Kristen was born. For the first three years of my life I was a spoiled rotten little girl. All I had to do was ask and it was mine and I never had anybody I never had to share with anyone. I remember my mom asking me how I felt about have a baby brother or sister and I remember telling her I would only accept a brother. She did the usual little chuckle parents do when they are amused with their little ones and walked off so I just assumed it was a meaningless question and thought nothing more of it; however, I would soon learn it was far from meaningless. On May 30, 2001 my life as I knew it changed…show more content…
It was an amazing surprise. My little body filled with so much joy I couldn 't contain it and began to jump around like a kangaroo on a trampoline. This was a treat to me since she worked all the time so I never really got to see her. After I was buckled into my car seat and she got into the car, she told me she had a special surprise for me. We sang our usual songs and had a great time the whole way to the hospital and I even continued to sing once we were in the elevator. Once we were off the elevator we began to walk down the hallway to where my mother was. The walk seemed to take forever. Just when I was about to give up walking I began to see some of my relatives. The second I saw my Aunt Shirley I forgot how tired I was and ran as fast as my little legs would allow until I felt her warm embrace. After I was through with the usual rounds of hugs and kisses I was lead into the room where my mother and new baby sister…show more content…
I tried everything from attempting to sell her to the mailman to trying to make the garbage man take her to trying to get the dog to eat her. My favorite story however is the day I rocked her like a baby doll. My mother, Kristen, and I had just got home from doing errands. In the living room my mother had a playpen set up for Kristen. As soon as we walked through the door my mom set the car seat that contained the sleeping baby into the playpen and ran to the bathroom. I decided I wanted to play so made a quick fall protection with pillows, blankets and stuff animals and climbed into the playpen. I then unbuckled Kristen and climbed out of the playpen. I walked to my little rocking chair I had placed in between my parents recliners and began to rock the baby doll. A few minutes later my mother came from the bathroom and was both horrified and amazed at what she saw. After taking the baby from me she asked me how I did it and I told her with the biggest proudest smile on my face. She told my father that night when he returned from work. Instead of spanking me like I expected he surprised me and calmly explained why I couldn 't do that. After his lecture he showed me how to hold
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