Single Parenthood: The Causes And Disadvantages Of Single Parenthood

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Being raised in a single parent house hold is shown to be a very common thing around the world, especially in America. Raising a child with two people is hard enough so imagine just one individual doing all alone. Divorce rates are going up more than ever as well as deaths and parents who are choosing to walk out. According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2009, there were about 13.7 million single parents in the United States and they were responsible for raising 22 million children (Wolf). Single-parent families have struggles that they face as well as long-term disadvantages. Some issues faced by single-parent families would be financial stability, shortage of quality time between the parent and their family,…show more content…
They cannot help to feel somewhat envious. They will want to know what it feels like to have both parents in their lives. Having to watch all the other kids around them interact with both parent will have them thinking why they couldn’t have the same opportunity. Then the feeling of being worthless will start to kick in, which will eventually lead to that child falling into a deep depression. The idea of being stereotyped is also one of the many issues associated with single parenthood. When living in a single parent home, both the parent and child might have to deal with all the negative remarks that will be made by others. The child may have to deal with the other children ridiculing them because they only have one parent and the parent will probably have to deal with the judgments of having to raise a child on their own. People may look down on them because they are not the ideal family. They will pass judgment because they may not fit the description of a…show more content…
Because there is only one parent present, the chances of the child getting into a great college are slim to none due to lack of funds. Instead of going into the school they may have dreamed of going to, they have to settle for a community college. Yes there are scholarships but they are not always enough to pay your way through college. Especially if the child decides to go to a prestigious school. Because of that they may feel like attending college will be a waste of time all together and may decide to not attend. Research shows that a child being raised in a single-parent home may also end up suffering from anxiety, major depression, and substance abuse for those who are between the ages 21 to 25. Research also shows that they may also have suicidal thoughts and may also attempt suicide at some point in their lives. It is also possible that they may end up without a college degree and will most likely be depending on government assistance. A child raised with just one parent also has a higher risk of going to jail at some point in their lives. In other words, a child coming from a single parent home has a higher chance of having an unstable life (Ferguson et

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