Effects of Divorce on Children Today

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Effects of Divorce on Children Today

Divorce and its effects on children are common issues that are on the rise in the world today. Divorce affects more than just the married couple. Children often bear the brunt of divorce, which makes divorce a complicated decision for most parents. Understanding the effects divorce has on a child is important to know exactly why a child acts a certain way. A divorce can affect a child psychologically, intellectually, and even behaviorally. Children can suffer physiologically from things like depression, intellectually by having trouble in school and behaviorally by having trouble in social settings. Legally, a divorce is a single event, but from a psychological standpoint, it is a complicated, multilevel issue. Things like identity confusion, depression, and anxiety are all areas of psychological concern this paper will address. Through this explanation, I will demonstrate the harmful effects divorce has on children.

Identity confusion is a main concern of children who have experienced divorce. Often time?s children feel responsible and blame themselves for their parents? actions. Felling guilt for actions that do not pertain to them can have lasting psychological effects. In a study done on effects of divorce, almost half of the participants felt responsible for their parents divorce (Taylor 2001). This study involves interviewing children regarding their views of the parental divorce. It discusses these children?s feelings and gives specific recommendations. The children are asked a series of questions including, ?Do/did you feel responsible for your parents? divorce?? (Taylor 2001). The amount of children who felt responsible in one way or another totaled 33% (Taylor 2...

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Identity confusion, depression and anxiety are all harmful effects divorce has on children. Feelings of responsibility, sadness, and apprehension about their situations have extremely detrimental and lasting affects on children. These studies show that these are indeed grim realities many children have to face in their daily lives. Parents may be affected by a divorce, but the children are the real victims.


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