Single Individuals Adopting Discussion

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Not too long ago, single individuals were not allowed to adopt children because people thought children needed to be raised by both a mother and a father not just one or the other but today and in most states single individuals are allowed to adopt children. However, this is still controversial. Single individuals should be allowed to adopt because no evidence proves that single parents aren’t as effective as married couples, the fact that single parents already exist due to divorce, and because of the serious need of orphan children.

Single individuals should be allowed to adopt because there’s no evidence that proves single parents aren’t as effective as married couples. In a recent study, “Single Parents,” Grove and Rosenthal compare households of single parents who’ve adopted with married couples who’ve adopted to show that there is quite a bit of a difference in the way life situations are experienced, if a single individual was adopting as to being married and adopting.

Researchers found that comparisons of single-parent homes to two-parent homes showed that showed that children in single-parent families experienced fewer problems. In the same study, researchers found that single-parent families were more likely than two-parent families to evaluate the adoption’s impact as being very positive. (Grove and Rosenthal)

In another study, “Single Parent Adoption,” Feigelman and Silverman compared the adjustment of adopted children in single-parent homes to married-couple homes by contacting theses parents after they adopted children and again six years later to learn how the adjustment worked out.

Feigelman and Silverman contacted sixty percent of the single parent’s respondents from their study in 1977. Six years after the i...

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