Similarities Between La Pieta And The Statue Of David Michelangelo

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Good morning/ afternoon class and welcome to the forum. Today I will prove to you that during the fourteenth and fifteenth ( 30th May 2017) century Michelangelo changed European culture by expressing humanistic ideas through his art and using different techniques. The result was that people had a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding for art. He did this through expressing his art in different ways and using different techniques and colour contrasts in his works. Michelangelo was influenced by humanism in many ways. He started to concentrate on human bodies and how they were shaped. At the age of 17, he started dissecting corpses at the local church to gain a deeper understanding. When Michelangelo …show more content…

The Pietà and the David were reflected as his most famous artworks, because of the amazing realistic features. The details that were carved into both the David and the Pieta are astounding with him even adding the details of the veins and skin textures in the sculptures. The faces in both works have expression, which conveys feeling and a new way of expressing art. The techniques he used such as detail and expression makes these two pieces of art very powerful. They are great works because they are humanistic and show realism in every way it is perceived. Michelangelo’s David is the perfect depiction of humanism. First, his sculpture seems to show David after he has decided to fight Goliath, but before he has actually fought him. In the statue, David seems to be thinking or concerned. David defeats Goliath, a huge man feared by all others except David, by hitting him in the head with a stone and slingshot. This shows humanism in the sculpture due the rationality that is depicted by David’s stance and facial expression. The sculptures La Pieta and The David are both different and revolutionary. They have beautiful techniques which demonstrate Michelangelo’s

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