Similarities Between Heart Of Darkness And May Day

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Heart of Darkness and May Day are reminiscences that stages illustration of 2 idiosyncratic events from distinct eras. In Heart of Darkness where Imperialism and Colonialism are the formidable thresholds; on the contrary, May Day sketches the paucity of aspiration. Joseph Conrad and F. Scott Fitzgerald accentuate their interpretations of both stories that how undeniable quandaries can manipulate a man.
. Joseph Conrad’s exoneration of darkness by exemplifying African continent audaciously as mysterious and savage. In the chronicles of Marlow’s expedition to Africa, he symbolized the continent as the darkest places on earth.” We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness” (40), it was an expression that Marlow often used over the course of his adventure to hit his suspicion on the uncharted enigma. The obscure land of Africa, a continent that sketches an era
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In this story, characters seemed in the immense influence of alcohol; hence, getting out of control. Gordon Sterrett entangles himself into alcohol as if his fate refused to conform his agony and marries Jewel Hudson. The realization of being tied to Jewel Hudson forever, eventually he couldn’t find anyway but to take his own life; “leaning across the table that held his drawing materials, fired a cartridge into his head”(269). Gordon taking his life with his own hands contributes to the themes of death and tragedy. However, there is a whimsical edge to the story as well, Peter Himmel and Philip Dean were named ‘Mr. In’ and ‘Mr. Out’. When dean saw the word ‘In’ painted on Peter’s shirt, he instantly named him ‘Mr. In’. Wearing their wacky signs and lurching from on hotel to another on the spree of breakfast and liquor. Wishing each other; “Here’s health, Mr. In, Here’s same to you Mr. Out” (223), a toast of champagne as an expression of honor and
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