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  • Joseph Conrad

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    Joseph Conrad Joseph Conrad, born Tedor Josef Konrad Nalecz Korzeniowski, was born December 3, 1857 in a Russian-ruled province of Poland. His parents’ involvement in the Polish independence movement had them kicked out of Northern Russia in 1863. After his parents’ deaths, he moved in with relatives where he was often ill and received little schooling. At sixteen years of age, Conrad decided to become a seaman and he joined the British merchant marines in 1878. His lack of speaking the English

  • Youth by Joseph Conrad

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    Youth by Joseph Conrad This analysis is based on the short story “Youth” by Joseph Conrad, in which involves the explanation of youth in relation to life. The story presents the theme that youth is somehow disillusioning. During the plot progression, it shows the perceptions and thinking of the main character, Marlow, who is a young ship's officer fascinated by the air of adventure and romance of the exotic East. The main themes describe some aspect of human life and behaviour, some of which are

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    Joseph Conrad was born in Berdichev, in the Ukraine, in a region that had once been a part of Poland but was then under Russian rule. His father Apollo Korzeniowski was an aristocrat without lands, a poet and translator of English and French literature. The family estates had been sequestrated in 1839 following an anti-Russian rebellion. As a boy the young Joseph read Polish and French versions of English novels with his father. When Apollo Korzeniowski became embroiled in political activities, he

  • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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    Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Our world has been plagued by racism before biblical times. Two of the most inhumane outgrowths of racism are detribalization and slavery. During the nineteenth-century European Imperialism, racism led to many acts of inhumanity by Europeans, particularly in Africa. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness presents us with a fictional account of these inhumane acts in Africa illustrating that racism and its outgrowths are the most cruel examples of man's inhumanity

  • Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

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    every story, be it a part of history or modern age society, has had at least two sides to it. Observing one side as being the perspective of the narrator and the other being the reality or the truth. The hero of the novel Lord Jim, written by Joseph Conrad, is undoubtedly Jim himself. Marlow, the narrator of the story, was a seafarer and it was his soft spot for Jim that was the force behind Marlow helping Jim to start afresh and to look out for him. Jim believed that reality was all about a mentally

  • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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    Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness presents two main themes, which are relevant to the story. The first of which is imperialism and the second is racism. This novel takes place in the late 1800's on the Congo River in Africa, which Conrad uses to help illustrate these two themes. Charlie Marlow, the main character, is a sea captain whose exploration leads him to Africa on a freshwater navigation. Marlow's journey from the continent of Europe to the continent of Africa was quite a difference. The

  • The Heart of Darkness in Joseph Conrad

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    Joseph Conrad is the author of the novel, The Heart of Darkness, along with many other profound works. Compared on any scale, Conrad is nowhere near average. Joseph Conrad is a very interesting character who sees the world through wide eyes. By traveling the world and exploring the many walks of life he is able to discuss common global views and habits that include injustices which are explained in his renowned novel, The Heart of Darkness. As a child Conrad was born in Berdichev, Ukraine on the

  • The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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    The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Joseph Conrad’s masterpiece, The Heart of Darkness, speaks of many characters with many different characteristics and personalities. It contains characters from all standings of society. In every case, except for Marlow and Kurtz, the characters are referred to by their position. Albeit the name of Fresleven, the man who commanded the steam boat on the Congo before Marlow, is mentioned, he is dead. The only characters that are called by name after that

  • Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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    the story of something that happened to him several years before, when he drove a steamboat up a river in Africa to locate an agent for a Belgian company involved in the promising ivory trade. Most of the novel is Marlow's narration, although Conrad sometimes brings us back to the yacht and ends the novel there. Also, as in Wuthering Heights, the technique of a framing narrative brings up questions of memory: how a story is reliable when related by someone many years after the fact, then

  • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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    Joseph Conrad’s novella explores the concept of imperialism and makes reference to the exploration and colonization of Africa. The text itself, which is narrated in a third-person perspective (to subdue the demeaning nature), is bluntly degrading and disparaging toward the natives of Africa. The native African people are blatantly ostracized in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness with the author’s use of derogatory and condemning language throughout the text, the juxtaposition and hesitant comparison of the