Similarities And Differences Between Macbeth And Dr Jekyll And Hyde

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Compare the ways in which William Shakespeare and Robert Louis Stevenson present change in the main protagonist in Macbeth and The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The main characters in ‘Macbeth’ and ‘The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ are created in an identical way in the opening chapter and scene. They are being shown as loyal, dedicated and brave. Macbeth is surely dedicated to support his king whereas Dr Jekyll is faithful to science and shows his bravery by trying to help society as he believed he could get rid of evil.
The element of suspense is shown in both literary texts in the first scenes and chapters; this symbolises a possible foreshadowing of the protagonist’s change of behaviour. Shakespeare describes Macbeth
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The use of witchcraft was very common during the Jacobean times because people believed in it and it was seen as a profanity. Therefore this would create tension and anxiety among the audience.
The audience would also realised that the witches were predicting Macbeth’s future and would have got a little hint on what’s going to happen later in the play.
In act 1 scene 5 Lady Macbeth received a letter from Macbeth. In the letter Macbeth wrote about what happened to him earlier. The tone of the letter is exciting which shows Macbeth’s interest in the prophecies. Moreover now that Lady Macbeth knows about the predictions, she is making a plan for example “Hie thee hither that I may pour my spirits in thine ear” so that he can succeed. This suggests that Lady Macbeth is going to persuade Macbeth to commit regicide. In addition, from that moment, Macbeth is starting to change from kind and nice to an aggressive and brutal man. Lady Macbeth started to manipulate Macbeth using insulting language to make him kill the king as she calls him a coward “Will you take the crown you want so badly, or will you live as a coward, always saying ‘ I can’t’ after you say ‘I want to’? This insulting language suggests that Lady Macbeth wants to force him to kill
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He also feels enthusiastic and rejoices about his future. “Partner of greatness” also shows that he is delighted to have his wife as part of his brilliant future. At this point Macbeth is not thinking about murdering king Duncan and the audience would wonder how this is going to be fulfilled since killing a king is the same as attempting against God. This will make the audience shocked but also excited as they think that Macbeth is turning evil rapidly. Lady Macbeth’s manipulation is dear to the audience and her ambition is also seen as one of the causes for Macbeth’s

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