Jekyll And Hyde Compare And Contrast Essay

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In both The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the 1941 movie adaptation, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a strong representation of evil is present. Both the film and the novel are surrounded with sense of immorality and sin. The text and the film have economical and historical characteristics that help define evil. While the film alone has a strong representation of evil surrounding gender and relationships. Both the novel and the movie take place during the Victorian Era. A time when society’s expectations were high. The way a person was perceived by another, and a person’s reputation was very important. A Victorian gentlemen did anything possible to maintain a good reputation. Honor was something worth fighting, killing, and dying for.…show more content…
These two female characters in the film help show a different kind of evil, that wasn’t shown in the book. This evil is one who hurts women. As soon as Dr. Jekyll stops himself from being with Ivy, he peruses her as Hyde. Hyde approaches Ivy in an aggressive manner, and is constantly shown hurting her throughout the film. Not only does he hurt her physically but in an emotional and mental way as well. Hyde gets his way with Ivy, and after this uses words to make her feel less than him. Shortly after coming in contact with Ivy, Hyde strikes her leaving marks in her back. He pushes her around and grabs her without her able to leave. The constant harassment from Hyde causes her to mentally break down leaving her traumatized. She is left desperate for help, and even thinks about killing herself. After Ivy goes to Jekyll for help, he realizes that what he was doing was wrong and decides not to ever take the potion again. This is something the Dr. Jekyll from the book wouldn’t do because he thinks Hyde and Jekyll are two different entities. After failing on not transforming, Hyde goes back to Ivy even more aggressively than before. By this time Hyde not only hurts Ivy, but Beatrix as…show more content…
The time period plays an important role that pushes Jekyll to create the potion, so he can do the sins everyone has within. Evil which is not associated with wealth is hidden, and Hyde takes advantage of this. He uses his position, and makes the best of it to get away with his misdeeds. In the movie Hyde and Jekyll are shown hurting women; the director uses this to create a different kind of evil, that is more universally understood. The audience is either a female, or has a female family member. While watching the movie he wanted to make the audience despise Hyde and want to help Ivy and Beatrix. Ultimately the nature of evil, and the split of Jekyll’s identity lead to his

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