Silence And Violence In Beth Jarrett's Ordinary People

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In the movie Ordinary People, Beth Jarrett is unable to cope with the loss of her eldest son, Buck who died in a boating accident. This situation creates a strain on her relationships with her husband, Calvin, and her youngest son, Conrad. Moreover, Beth is bitter towards Conrad because she believes he is the sole cause of Buck’s death. Meanwhile, Conrad begins meeting with a psychiatrist named Dr. Berger to help deal with his suicidal tendencies. Unlike Beth, Calvin Jarrett longs to connect with his son and give him the love that he needs. The Jarrett family could have avoided these problems if there had been stronger communication and conflict management skills. All the main characters deal with conflicts in one of two ways: silence or violence.
Conrad Jarrett mostly uses silence when dealing with conflict. One example is when he did not tell his family about his suicidal thoughts. The suicide attempt could been avoided if he had mustered up the courage to have a crucial conversation with Calvin. He also used the silence technique when he neglected to tell his friends or swim team coach about what was going on at home. When his friends tried to talk to him, Conrad resorted to a “violence” technique and became unnecessarily angry. Even though Conrad thinks he is not doing anything wrong when he is silent, it still makes the conflict worse because it is not being addressed.
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He seems like he is holding up very well until the end of the movie. He is in tears at the kitchen table and claims that Beth does not love him like she used to. One can tell that he had been holding this emotion in for a long time. It seemed like a relief to get it all out. It is not healthy to bottle up emotions like that because they can come out in unhealthy ways. Two people have to be willing to be open with their emotions if they want to solve any type of

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