Side Effects Of Perfectionism Makes You Feel Perfect?

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As American journalist and former first lady of California, Maria Shriver, once stated, “perfectionism doesn’t make you feel perfect; it makes you feel inadequate.” This quote reflects upon the negative side effects of being the infamous, “perfectionist.” A perfectionist is commonly defined as someone who accepts none other than true precision, and will cease at nothing to obtain it. Throughout my academic career, I had struggled with this type of mental state. For the entirety of my life up to my junior year in high school, I had believed that each lock had one specific key to it, that every question had one right answer, and that to succeed I had to be flawless in everything I did. There was no waking moment that I had not spent on attempting…show more content…
He pushed me to let my voice be heard, not just to receive the A that I desired, but because he believed that I had musical talent. It was from his encouragement that I received attention from other peers and my teachers. Finally, I had been noticed for doing something remarkable- other than certificates that I had previously been awarded for academics. Now, when I spoke- or sang, rather,- people began to listen. I had haphazardly discovered a talent of mine that may have gone unnoticed if I allowed myself to switch classes to one of a higher academic rigour to assuage the fears that came with being a perfectionist. Now, I am at a point in my life where I realize that academics are not everything and that learning goes much beyond the traditional classroom setting. Music has opened up my eyes to the world that surrounds me, and I have indulged myself in numerous new passions because of it: playing the guitar, composing music, and joining new clubs and activities. Most importantly of all, however, I had discovered the joy of learning that became lost in my perfectionist ideals. Now, school no longer requires impeccability, but making mistakes that lead to furthering my education and bettering me as a

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