Should Vaccines Save Lives: Why Should Vaccines Save Lives

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Vaccines save Lives! Nothing is more heartbreaking than a young life that has been taken by the infection of a killer disease. It’s painful to know that a child will never get to live to see their full potential. Diseases kill children every year, and most of the more deadly diseases can be prevented. Children are much more vulnerable to disease because of their weak immune systems. They are weak because they have not lived long enough to build immunities for such infections. So how would children protect themselves from these deadly diseases? Simple, getting parents to vaccinate their children. In the U.S. about 87 percent of children receive vaccinations according to the schedule that the CDC has deemed acceptable. This statistic is not high enough, as all kids should receive vaccinations whether or not parents approve of it. The reason being is because of herd immunity. Without herd immunity not everyone is protected. But parents are unfortunately misinformed about vaccinations and think that the side effects, along with ingredients, and lastly their freedom should not make…show more content…
Their beginning complaint about the MMR vaccine being connected to autism is wrong. If people look, they will see that the study Andrew Wakefield’s completed was retracted shortly after being published. “The investigation included only 12 children, 9 of whom were diagnosed as being autistic. Besides this, the study also had a strong selection bias, and any apparent link between the MMR and autism may arise because the age when MMR is first given also coincides with the age when autism is first recognize. (” This also makes Jenny McCarthy’s statement incorrect, her son could have already had the genes for autism and it showed up at the same time initial vaccines were given. The MMR vaccine along with other vaccinations do not cause autism as many people still
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