Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Throughout the country, a debate lingers, on whether medicinal marijuana should be legalized. Evidence conclusively supports the claim, marijuana should be legalized because it can help better the lives of people who suffer from various diseases. Although several non-professionals claim marijuana is unjust, no evidence suggests strictly medication consumption of marijuana harms the body. After digging up the little research done on marijuana, research concludes marijuana will help suppress Epilepsy, Alzheimers, numerous cancers, and copious other diseases. Along with these there is strong support for the use of marijuana in the place of Marinol. Through research, sufficient evidence manifests the prosperity of legalizing medicinal marijuana. There are countless benefits when using marijuana for medical purposes. One of the biggest improvement in marijuana research is how Epileptic seizures reduced by a number greater than 50 percent while smoking marijuana. This not only helped adults, but young kids on the edge of death. The proteins which contribute to memory loss, called beta-amyloid were found to slow down, causing memory loss to slow in Alzheimer’s patients. Another symptom of Alzheimer’s is inflammation of the brain; marijuana studies show that the ingredients control this swelling and stops inflammation. The best breakthrough in the medical uses of marijuana is the treatment of cancer. This is relatable to bounteous people as statistics show that 39 percent of Americans will develop or have cancer. With the abundance of cancers, vigorous rounds of chemo, and hundreds of pills proscribed, that need cramming down your throat. But what if one prescription could take the place of dozens. There is, marijuana. Legions of studies... ... middle of paper ... ...s regulated for medical use, which will in turn better the lives of those who suffer from chronic medical conditions. Statistics prove that the legalization of marijuana is justified because it will better the standard of living for those in ill conditions. Marijuana helps to ease pain in a myriad of patients suffering from chronic conditions, and decreases inflammation due to various illnesses. One of the greatest discoveries in marijuana is the possibility to stop the growth of cancer cells, this could save hundreds of lives in the future with one pass of a bill. If we can provide enough evidence to support the legalization, then we can begin to save lives and better the living of those who suffer daily. If we cannot pass a law to help societies dying, then more people will fall victim to death, who could have been saved by one natural god given plant, marijuana.

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