Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Government prohibition on marijuana has been a back and forth debate. U.S citizens have been protesting the legalization of marijuana since the 1960’s, but it has become a bigger issue in the last five years. Ending prohibition on marijuana would be very beneficial decision to the U.S citizens and the government. Marijuana should be legalized for economic, illness treatment, and healthy recreational choices in the U.S. These are the main reasons why marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana should be legalized because it brings in a lot of extra tax and revenue income to the state. The state of Washington estimated that the legalization of marijuana could bring in an additional $500 million in tax revenue (Bradford). Washington government officials said they were putting some of the money towards healthcare for people who are in need of it. The state of Colorado promised that $40 million dollars of marijuana sales will go to the reconstruction of public schools. Money collected from marijuana is helpful to the community and to the state. Also citizens incarcerated by marijuana charges costs the U.S. $1 billion dollars annually (Bradford). People who are put in jail for marijuana costs the government a lot of extra money on a “drug” that is legal in 23 states already, and has a good potential to be nationally legalized in five years. The U.S. government predicted they could save over $100 million dollars just by getting rid of marijuana related court cases. Also California growers account for $14 million dollars a year in sales. It was pronounced California’s most valuable cash crop (Bradford). This shows that marijuana can be a good resource of income to a state, and can help improve the state’s economy and financial state. Anothe... ... middle of paper ... ...ney for people to spend on other things (Bradford). Legalization would make cannabis cheaper for people all around the U.S. which would allow people to spend money on other important things. Legalizing marijuana would not only help the government, but would also help the marijuana consumers. In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized for economic, illness treatment, and healthy recreational choices in the U.S. Marijuana would be a very helpful resource to the U.S in a lot of aspects if it was legalized. Marijuana could bring in a lot of extra tax income to the states and government. It can also cure illnesses and sicknesses that are present in our society today, and it is a safer recreational choice than alcohol, and can help cannabis consumers all around the U.S. All in all the legalization of marijuana could be the solution to a lot of society’s problems today.

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