Should Congress Raise Minimum Wage?

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Should Congress Raise Minimum Wage?

As our federal government debates the idea to raise the minimum wage, there are several interesting questions that occur. Most importantly, should we raise the minimum wage? I believe it is a bad idea to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour up to $10.10 or more in a short period of time. I will explain why raising minimum wage radically would kill jobs and hurt our economy.

The main reason raising the minimum wage radically would kill the economy is the pressure it would place on small businesses. According to article, Small Businesses are the backbone of the economy. They also cited that many studies from the U.S. Small Business Administration show small firms employ just over half of the private-sector workforce. Further these small firms have accounted for nearly two-thirds of nation’s net new jobs over the past decade and a half. Small business would not be able to afford the extra pay increases of the dramatic new pay scale. The small business owner would have to cut workers or cut hours to offset the pay increases. This would have a profound effect on the current economy. Also this would have a profound effect on other sectors of the economy. After reading article, "There's no doubt that a higher minimum wage would create an immediate drag on earnings and create pressures for higher prices," I feel raising minimum wage radically would more likely lead to higher priced goods and products that you buy. The increased cost on the company from raising minimum wage would have to be absorbed by the consumer. This would be a direct effect of raising minimum wage approximately $3 in a short period.

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...y. Since that has not been the case, the government should consider an alternate plan for catching minimum wage up that isn’t so drastic for the small business owner.

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