Should Cell Phones Be Banned?

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Cell phones are in no doubt a good way to calculate, research, and also cheat. Many students are in a debate with their teachers and school board about whether or not their phone should be banned from their classroom or if they should be allowed to use it during school hours. Cell phones should not be banned in the classroom, but teachers should put some guidelines on when students should use them and not use them, like prohibiting the use of cellphones during tests and lectures but allowed during independent work times. Students and teachers have been battling the idea of having cell phones in class and school for ages since they blew up and got big. According to Greg Graham (2011), he found a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation that states that the total media exposure for ages 13-18 year olds have increased about three and a half hours from 1999 to 2009 (, para. 5) Students are on the side of having phones because they have their calculators on them, they might need to reach their parents privately or quickly, or they need info from one of the many useful research websites to help them get through their class and assignment. Teachers think all students do on their phone is cheat and text each other the answers. It would be nice to find an equal medium to the dilemma where both parties are satisfied. First, students will use their phones whether or not they are allowed to. It is obvious that students do spend maybe a little too much time on their phones during the day but is a ban really going to stop them? The only way to really stop a student from using their cell phone is to take it away but even then there are times where the student may tell the teacher that they don’t have the phone on them. New Yor... ... middle of paper ... .... Often teachers use very soft and calming music to use as background noise for the classroom but that may not be what a student needs. Sometimes a student needs some upbeat music to listen to, to wake them up and get energized about the task. Also, students might also get distracted by the noises of their classmates even though there is soft background music going. In conclusion, cell phones should not be banned in school but teachers should set boundaries on cell phone use in class. It will get the educational board no where by banning something so important and helpful in a student 's generation when they could be incorporating that technology into the classroom. Students will use the cell phones whether teachers like it or not or if it is banned. Maybe one day education will have more technology incorporated into it so this generation can learn and grow with it.
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