Shield Of Achilles Analysis

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Thetis, Achilles' mother went to Hephaestus and requested that he build a new shield for her son after his armor what striped by Hector from Patroclus' dead body and taken as spoils. The shield was built in layers each depicting several scenes. The scenes selected and depicted on the shield are a wedding, legal conflict, the besieging of a city, a herd of cattle, a grape vineyard and youth dancing.

The scene of the wedding took place in one of the two cities depicted on Achilles' shield. During the wedding ceremony, "They were going about the city with brides whom they were escorting by torch lights from their chambers". The torchlights were used to grab the attention of the people in the city. The brides at that very moment were the center of attention. So much so, "women stood each at her door to see them". The women stood at their doorsteps not only to see the brides as they marched but also to pay their respect. "Loud rose cry of Hymen, and the youths danced to the music of flute and lyre". The festivities and celebrations …show more content…

"They came full speed out of the yards to go and feed among the waving reeds that grow by the bank of the river". Cows often eat grass grown in their pasture. "The lions tore through the bull's thick hide and were gorging on his blood and bowels". The lions felt somewhat threaten by the bulls as they believed that they were not only trespassing in lion's territory but the bull would take their food. The Lions tore through the bull to prevent it from taking any of its food."The herdsmen were afraid to do anything, and only hounded on their dogs; the dogs dare not fasten on the lions but stood by barking and keeping out of harm's way". The herdsmen as well as their dogs feared for their lives after witnessing what the lion tearing apart the bull. They kept out of the bull's way and the dogs barked for help that could help them eventually escape the lion's

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