Gender Inequality Of Women

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From a radical theory of feminism, fundamental changes are in need in order to improve the position of women. Nowadays, women still face inequalities and multiple forms of discriminations. Society considers women by nature inferior to men. In fact, social institutions have reinforced these beliefs, which limit the opportunities for women. A current problem in the feminist ideology reduces the chances of moving toward a better position for all women, because feminist groups do not represent all types of women, and these groups are very middle class and very Western. Furthermore, problems on a personal level contribute to gender inequality. Women receive sexist remarks and undergo sexual objectification in media, which reduces their opportunities…show more content…
Society has gender specific roles expected for women and men. Women are limited to the traditional roles of cleaning, cooking, and taking care of children. Patriarchal society, in which men rule, imposes these roles on women (Harrison, 302). Men run institutions and make the laws. In fact, social institutions have an impact on the relationship between labor and gender. Different types of jobs are associated with both genders. Society sees women as caring and emotional. Therefore, expects that women will choose careers such as nurses, teachers, or flight attendants. When it comes to men, society sees them as powerful and without emotion, associates them with power and authority, and expects them to be lawyers, doctors, or chief executive officers. This is a source of inequality because these different associations to jobs generate income differences. Men produce more money than women do because there are fewer women engaging in politics or business careers. Women are not socially expected to perform these jobs: “While women represent 50 per cent of the world population, they perform nearly two thirds of all working hours, receive one-tenth of world income and own less than 1 per cent of world property” (Harrison, 296). Women are as smart as men are, yet they do not have the opportunities to prove that. From a radical theory…show more content…
Women are victims of domestic violence, receive sexist remarks, and undergo objectification in the media. Domestic violence occurs due to the gender and power inequality in opposite sex relationships. Society has expectations of how male and female should behave in intimate relationships: men are expected to be the providers and the dominant ones while women are devalued as secondary and inferior. Therefore, issues of power, control, and autonomy are the main reasons for domestic violence. Every day, women experience sexism whether it is on television, at work or even at home. Society sees men as biologically superior creatures compared to women. Sexism has become very common and even acceptable and this is the problem (Gill, 14). If from a young age females endure sexist remarks, they would naturally accept those remarks and easily become the victims of the patriarchal society. Another personal problem that affects women is the objectification in the media. Sexually objectified pictures of women appear in television advertising, on the web and in newspapers. This encourages girls to think of and treat their own bodies as objects of others’ desires. Women try to improve their social position, yet sexual objectification reduces them to the status of mere tools for men’s purposes and makes them preoccupied with their appearance (Gill, 14). Women should have enough courage to
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