Sherlock Holmes Observant

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A learner is someone who spends time taking in and processing information. Sherlock Holmes is a learner. Sherlock Holmes is determined and he’s observant. One trait that Sherlock Holmes possesses is determination. For instance, when Sherlock took some of the yellow powder that was present by both of the dead bodies that had died from “the plague” and went to Guilford to find out what it was. On his way back from Guilford, he ran into Virginia. On page 153 Virginia asked, “So you risked your life based on the fact that you thought everyone else was wrong and you could prove them wrong?” Sherlock didn't know what it was and if it had caused the plague like death, but he was determined to prove that it wasn't the plague. Another example was when…show more content…
because He felt his muscles burning and his arm snapping, but he kept pushing using all his might and all his strength. He was so determined to get out of the barn, he just kept going and going until he got out. Another trait Sherlock possesses is being observant. One example was when Sherlock was observing the dead man’s footprints. On page 68 the text states, “Sherlock crouched down and examined the ground closely” that displays that sherlock observed on a regular basis. The fact that he closely looked and was able to tell where the man put most pressure on his feet and where he was going, proves that he paid close attention to the details of the footprint, which proves he is observant. Another example of how Sherlock is observant is located on page 8 when Mycroft goes to pick up Sherlock from his school. The text reads, “Mycroft raised an eyebrow “how on earth did you deduce that young man?” Sherlock shrugged “I noticed the parallel creases in your trousers where the upholstery pressed them, and I remember that father’s carriage has a tear in the upholstery that was repaired rather clumsily a few years ago. The impression of that repair is pressed into your trousers, next to the creases.” This shows that
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