Shake It Off Poem Figurative Language

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When you read the song “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift it is clear what the connotation could be. When looking at the denotation of the poem and then understanding the figurative language in the poem, you begin to understand what the author is trying to convey. The format of the poem helps the audience better understand the tone shifts and the poem’s meaning. In the song “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift there is much meaning behind each verse. In stanza one people talk about her wanting to have fun and not being very smart. Also, in stanza two people are talk about her going out with too many guys and that none of the guys think she is worth being serious over. In addition in stanza three she is not going to let what others think change …show more content…

The entire poem is an extended metaphor. “I’m lighting on my feet.” is a metaphor because she is not really as fast as lighting, she's just very fast. Also, “It’s like I got this music in my mind” is a simile because her feeling of knowing everything will work out is like music to her, it keeps her upbeat. Then, there is a hyperbole “I stay out too late, got nothing in my brain” Shows exaggeration. The word “nothing” seems to be referring to the amount of knowledge she has, which clearly cannot be nothing. “Can’t stop, won’t stop moving”. This is also exaggeration because she could stop if she wanted to. Next “Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about “ is a assonance because down, out, and about repeat the ‘ow’ sound. Finally, “I got this music in my mind. Saying It's going to be alright” is a personification because music can’t speak, so it can’t actually say it will be alright. “Shake it off” song by Taylor Swift is a uplifting and encouraging song. In the first 2 verses she is talking about the negative things others think about her, which makes it sad but then after the second verse it switches to more upbeat when she describes how she doesn’t let what others think bother her. The there is another shift in the 5th verse, when she says, “hey, hey, hey”, she is giving advice to make her audience see that they could also

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