Shadow and Light Investigation Reflection

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I really enjoyed this weeks science investigation about shadows and light. In my experience, this science work doesn’t look like the science courses I have taken in my K-14 education. Generally, my science courses were focused more on memorization rather than exploration. In my elementary science class, I remember memorizing science concepts, looking up words in the glossary, writing reports, and reading and answering questions from the book. Also, we had science magazines, where we had to read the articles and fill out the answers. In my experience, I found that most of the students in my class simply skimmed for the answers at the end instead of reading the whole article. I think that these science magazines would have been more useful if my teachers discussed the article in detail rather than just the answers at the end of each article. As a child, I thought of science as a boring and difficult subject. My teachers would rarely take the time needed to make sure that I understand the concepts, and as a result I believed that I was not good at science. My bad experiences with scienc...
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