Sex Trafficking: How Can We Make It Stop?

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Sex Trafficking: How Can We Make It Stop?


Sex trafficking is a problem that is happening and occurring all over the world. Many families and individuals suffer due to sex trafficking. Many people are not even aware of what it really is. Sex trafficking is when young girls, as young as five or six, get kidnapped and are used for the sexual pleasure of others with a profit, or are sold as sex slaves to other people. The official definition is, “Human sex trafficking is a form of slavery and involuntary servitude resulting in grave human rights violations. Sex trafficking involves individuals profiting from the sexual exploitation of others and has severe physical and psychological consequences for its victims.” (The Advocates for Human Rights) In general terms, sex trafficking and human trafficking violate the human rights, and are illegal in most countries of the world. How can this crime go on every single day?

This crime affects our world in a very negative way. What is the cause to this problem in Russia, and how, we as humans, try to figure out a solution to stop sex trafficking? Everyday human attempt to make our planet, Earth, a better place, due to all the crimes and awful things that are going on with our lives, the ways to do that are infinite, but stopping sex trafficking and sex trade in Russia and the rest of the world might be a great start.


Russia is a big country on its own, and the amount of human trafficking and sex trade that is going there alone is crazy. “This criminal activity involves inside not only young women but also children. Victims of trafficking are subject to different inhuman treatments. Russia is a country which provides near 30 – 60 thousand of contemporary slaves...

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