Sex Crimes

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Sex crimes include acts considered as either sexual abuse, or a non-tolerable behavior considered inappropriate to social norms. The law forbids certain sexual acts, despite expressed consent from both parties. Sex laws vary from region to region, and may evolve over time. Furthermore, sexual acts forbidden by law in a proscribed jurisdiction are coined as sex crimes.


Rape, or forcible sexual intercourse without consent from both parties, may involve physical violence, threats, and verbal abuse to intimidate and violate one person's body. Rape is considered a federal offense in the Western world. A perpetrator committed in the act of forcible intercourse is known as a rapist. According to the American Medical Association, rape victims tend to avoid reporting a violation, often times out of shame or self-blame. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that ninety-one percent of all U.S. rape victims are female with nine percent that are male, and ninety-nine percent of the perpetrators are male.

Medline: Sexual Assault: A comprehensive description of sexual assault, otherwise known as rape, and includes sections that will help a victim seek out justice and rehabilitation.

Women's Sexual Assault: FAQ: An information database addressing frequently asked questions regarding sexual assault, including where and when to go after victimization. Understanding Sexual Assault (PDF): An extensive report detailing the facts centered on sexual assault. Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: An organization determined to help victims of rape, sexual abuse, and incest.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center: The NSVRC organization serves as the nation's princi...

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...rsity of Missouri: Extramarital Affairs in the Workplace (PDF): An extensive article examining the effects of extramarital affairs in the workplace.

McNeese State University: American Journal of Psychological Research: Extramarital Affairs (PDF): A comprehensive definition, cause, and effects an extramarital can have on a married couple.

Berkeley's Parent Network: Thinking About Having an Affair?: A dialogue exchange between a professional counselor and a spouse looking for a sexual fling.

University of Wisconsin: New Study Reveals that Cheating Actually Makes a Marriage Stronger: A study emerging out of Italy suggests that infidelity promotes stronger marriage bonds.

Standford University: Students Have Double Standards on Sexual Infidelity: Sexual infidelity extends far past marriage bonds, according to college students at Standford University.
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