Seven Human Needs

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As I look back over my life, I find there have been a very few times when I have felt a profound loss of dignity for myself. Having said that, I do feel that losing a job I had worked at for 26 years took a serious toll on my pride, as well as my sense of identity and security. As I pondered my seemingly bleak options, I grew somewhat depressed. It became more and more difficult to drag myself out of bed and into work each day. I was not productive while I was there, and when I returned home in the evenings it was all I could do to make dinner for my family and then crawl into bed. I gained weight, let my appearance go and lost all my enthusiasm for the things I enjoyed. Until then, I didn’t realize how much of my self esteem and identity were tied to my work. When I made the decision to return to school, it was like being released from a vacuum. I had lost my old identity but I was (and am) on a path to a completely new one. My new perspective as student has brought me a great deal of pleasure as well as a tremendous boost to my ego. If I had known 29 years ago what I now know, this journey would have taken place much sooner! Those feelings and concepts are what have assisted me in shaping my sense of security. When I began my classes at OKCCC last year, I was terrified! How could I possibly keep up and/or compete with people who in many cases were less than ½ my age? I just didn’t know if it was possible. The first few weeks of classes were mind boggling. I found myself questioning everything I was doing. I had to cover topics 3 and 4 times to make any sense of them. Those parts of my brain had become so atrophied that it took everything I had to get those synapses firing again! Once they did begin to ... ... middle of paper ... ... my life and following it through to the end. It’s a very powerful feeling. As for leisure, I can’t do without it! It’s a necessary part of my life. It gives me an opportunity to reconnect with my family. During the week we tend to scatter in our different directions, but on the weekends we gravitate back toward one another. We make every attempt to do something we all enjoy. That usually entails a music venue of some kind or a trip to the bookstore. On a good weekend, we can combine the two and get to listen to music at the bookstore. My husband is a wonderful (in my humble opinion) singer/songwriter and I love to listen when he plays around town. As I reflect on these seven human needs it strikes me just how basic they all are. No matter where or when you live, these are the ideals that work at our very cores. What amazing creatures we humans are!
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