Serial Killers: Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy Psychologists have tried to understand the mind of criminals for as long as time. The mind of a criminal is a very difficult thing to comprehend because each criminal is different. Their minds think in different ways, they have different motives and they all have different backgrounds. No two cases are the same. Often times psychologist also have a challenging time figuring out why a person committed a crime, such as murder, is because the criminal will not be able to help them comprehend why they did the things they did. In the wrongdoers mind it seems completely rational but to a sane person it does not. One serial killer that many psychologists have found fascinating, is Theodore Bundy. Psychologist have studied the motives …show more content…

Shortly after, his mother moved back in with her parents, pretending that Teddy was her brother and that his grandparents were his parents. Theodore lived believing this was true for quite a bit of his childhood. No one knows for sure when exactly he discovered the truth about his biological mother because he gave contradicting stories about it later on. His mother, Eleanor Cowell, moved with Teddy to Tacoma WA. And married a man with the name of Johnnie Bundy. Bundy would be the name that Ted would go by for the rest of his life. Ted’s classmates throughout middle school and junior high school spoke highly of him. They claimed he was smart and fairly popular. He also didn’t ever display any anger or violence, but sometime in high school that all changed. He became less interested in getting good grades and became more introverted. In college Theodore dated a girl for some time and became very attached to her. A while after she graduated, she lost interest and ended the relationship. Ted then dropped out of Stanford and enrolled in the University of Washington. He graduated there as an honor roll student, and during his time at UW he became interested in politics. After that he went to the University Of Utah Law School, and that is when all of his murdering …show more content…

He killed women in several different states. The number of victims he had is still unknown to day but some believe it ranges from 30 to 100 women. Also, no one knows exactly why he began his killing. Psychologists have a few leads and theories of what may have set him off. They believe maybe it was because of the way he was raised and the environment he grew up in. Another, reason he could have become such a prominent murderer in the US is because of his broken relationship he had with a girl in college. The most possible motive he had may have been his obsession for

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  • Explains that psychologists have tried to understand the mind of criminals for as long as time. theodore bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in america.
  • Explains that theodore bundy was born in a home for unwed mothers. his mother, eleanor cowell, moved with teddy to tacoma wa and married johnnie.
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